Top Speakeasy Bars in Miami

Speakeasies, otherwise known as hidden bars,  became known in the United States in the Prohibition Era – a time when alcohol was illegal. These wicked places immediately vanished once the Prohibition ended. Now, they are becoming incredibly popular, you just need to know where to look…

For all you quirky travelers searching for something vastly different, these Speakeasies are right up your ally. They create the most interesting experience, with a retro ambience. They are relaxed but agreeable bars with innovative drinks and great bites.

Check out some of these infamous Speakeasy bars in Miami, barely noticeable, but you will always have an awesome time : 

The Foxhole

Situated in a back rear way is The Foxhole. Certainly difficult to discover, but worth the hunt.  There’s no signage on the door, just a dim red light.

The Foxhole has a casual space filled with the best vintage and contemporary entertainment; pool table, some arcade amusements and a jukebox. The primary area is modern with a center bar encompassed by comfortable sofas and tables. Moreover, it has a second floor for a more laid-back setting.

The Happy Hour ranges from 5 to 9 pm. As far as refreshment choice, it’s really customary with lagers and standard mixed drinks. There’s likewise a completely stocked bar.

Photo Credit: Foxhole

Employees Only

This one gained buzz around it when it first opened in New York City in 2004. Recently, Employees Only branched out in Miami, as well as in Austin and Singapore. The branch is located in South Beach, the perfect spot for this quirky, cool, yet fancy bar.

Despite the fact that this bar is in Miami, it still gives off a “New York” vibe. 

This speakeasy is shrouded away behind a stone house and the entryway patio has a fortune teller shop. Behind the mystic is a shade concealing a smooth bar in the back. It contains a bar and a dining area offering a variety of meals.

Bodega Taqueria y Tequila

Situated in the South Beach area, this speakeasy doesn’t fit the Miami scene, which makes it all the more awesome. Nothing about it is grandiose. There is a blue portapotty entryway in the dining area. This entryway will lead you to a modest room containing urinals, but it is not a restroom.  This room hides a speakeasy. Stroll through the entryway and walk into shrouded bar. A sign lit up saying “Love Me, F*ck Me,” comfortable vintage seats against the walls. This beautiful bar is ideal to kick back, relax with a couple of of your best friends and the most creative cocktails. 

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