Top 3 Veg-Friendly Restaurants in Boston

Here is Vegefied’s top 3 picks of the best vegetarian friendly restaurants in Boston. 

Jhoana Carla de Toro

Jhoana Carla de Toro

Updated: 4 February 2019

Nicknamed Beantown due to the popularity of baked beans in molasses among its early residents, it wouldn’t be surprising for Boston to have a discerning taste when it comes to satisfying dishes that are healthy too. Greater Boston does not scorn meatless options. The place has a host of restaurants dedicated to vegan and vegetarian dishes. Other restaurants serve meat but are also well-stocked with healthier alternatives to ensure the appetite of any group is well satisfied. Peruse this list if you want to dine in some of the best places in Boston which serve a meatless symphony of flavors.

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A fondue restaurant that offers a unique dining experience, The Melting Point, has excellent food that is well worth the price. The four-course experience is something to look forward to. Prepare your selection of steak, vegetables or seafood in your pot and look forward to tasty meals. If you love desserts, the indulgent fondue, silky, and decadent fondue, served with fresh berries, brownie bites and much more is sinfully satisfying. There are also gluten-free menus, and farm fresh salads for people who would like to steer clear of meats.

Photo Credit: The Melting Pot

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Pasta Beach Boston

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Pasta Beach in Boston perfectly captures the splendor of Italy. The restaurant serves unfailingly fabulous Italian food in its ambitious bar and neo-Futurist dining room. The pizzas and appetizers are showcases for excellent ingredients and delightful cooking. Simple layers of mozzarella with buffalo milk, fresh tomato, and basil is the type of comfort food people look for, especially after an exhausting day at work and is one of the restaurant’s stars. They serve cheese that is brilliantly fresh, light, and creamy, tomatoes that are very flavorful and basil that is delightfully aromatic. All this deliciousness is perfectly sea-salted too. What more can you ask for?

Photo Credit: Pasta Beach Boston


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Oleana is a noted Cambridge restaurant which also boasts of one of the most romantic patios in town. The restaurant features a meze-style vegetarian tasting menu for $45, which also includes dessert. There are also plenty of ala carte vegetarian meze plates available. Opened in 2001, the fact that it has been in the volatile culinary scene for more than a decade is an achievement, and this is all thanks to the exciting and invigorating spices, flavorful but not too heavy food, a pastry program that doesn’t get short shrift, and an adventurous wine list. Partaking of lovingly prepared dishes at Oleana is like being home and away at the same time. You taste the comforts of Boston, as well as sample creative cooking sprinkled with far-flung favors.

Photo Credit: Oleana
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