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Updated: 16 January 2019

Copenhagen is fast becoming the leading culinary destination in the world. Noma, Geranium, and Veve are some of the leading restaurants elevating Scandinavian cuisine to greater heights. If you are searching for vegetarian food that is not boring or bland, head to Copenhagen and you will be delighted to discover that aside from interior design items, the Danes also know how to please your palate and tickle your senses.

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Noma is one of the restaurants in the culinary world which people are very familiar with because it has been named best restaurant in the world four times! It is a place where people gladly pay $350 feast on potted plants, mould, and even a giant kebab made from vegetables! Located on a small lake just outside the city, Noma’s new site used to be an ammunition storage facility for the Danish military. Designed by Bjarke Ingels, a renowned Danish architect, Noma now only operates in three seasons. The restaurant focuses on seafood for four months, vegetables in the next four, and game for the final four months.


Known for its quirky presentation with guests sometimes figuring out for themselves how to eat their food, every person who is serious about food dreams of being able to dine in Noma. Some of the most famous dishes are quails egg cooked at precisely 129 degrees topped with “chorizo” made from rose hips, walnut “tofu” made with sauce from sunflower seeds and crisp rose petals. One of the most unique things that happen in the restaurant is that instead of being served by wait staff, the chefs themselves will go outside and serve food to the guests.

Photo Credit: Noma

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Noma may have hogged the culinary headlines in Copenhagen, but Geranium is giving it a run for its money. Recently awarded three Michelin stars, Geranium has a 20-plus course Universe menu that changes along with the seasons. However, the season may vary, but you can bet you will be served wild and organic produce in beautiful forms that sometimes look too delicate to eat. 


Led by Chef Kofoed, the only chef to have ever won bronze, silver, and gold at the Bocuse d’Or cooking competition which takes place in France. The restaurant’s interior was renovated in 2015, and a section of the restaurant was converted into a big open kitchen theater where people can see their food being prepared in anticipation of the symphony of flavors that are coming their way.

Photo Credit: Geranium

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Located in a beautiful old warehouse in Osterbo, Michelin-starred restaurant Veve comfortably seats 30 people with a cozy lounge area. The restaurant’s menu is inspired by kitchens from all over the globe with a focus on seasonal produce that changes from time to time. Veve is proof that vegetarian cuisine need not be boring. Headed by the Kiin Kiin Group, your dining experience won’t even make you realize that there is no fish, meat or shellfish in any of them. There is a balance of textures and flavors from start to finish that makes the dining experience truly unique.

Some of the dishes which are must-trys are the tomato salad, corn and chanterelle tacos, new massaman potatoes, raspberry and licorice ice lollies, and kalota-brewed coffee.

Photo Credits: Veve
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