Top 10 Vegetarian Restaurants in Delhi 2020

Delhi holds a special place in India considering its rich history of being a Mughal capital throughout the era. The Royal Red Fort, dynamic Chandani Chowk and the ginormous Jama Masjid Mosque all represent the true colours of this vibrant city sprawling with a population of over 18 million people. From food stalls to carts Dehli offers a wide range of vegetarian options.

Updated: 11 November 2019

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Today, we are here to tell you about the top 10 vegetarian restaurants that you must try in 2020 from Delhi!

1. Burma Burma Restaurant & Tea Room

Take a short ride from the Saket Metro Station to the eye-catching Select Citywalk Mall and dine in this fantastic restaurant. It is one of the few places in Delhi that offers Burmese food. Burma Burma is traditionally decorated with timber flooring and short-leg furniture. The walls of this restaurant have unique Burmese-style pieces of pottery and paintings put up for display.

You have to try their contemporary handpicked teas. The grapefruit tea here has created quite a buzz. While for main courses order their pan-fried rice dumplings and mango salad!

2. Carnatic Café

If you want South Indian food cooked in organic ghee head-over to Carnatic café in Meharchand Market. The place looks very reticent with its simple and spacious interior. But prepare yourself to be blown away by their scrumptious Karnatic menu.

Their tasty dosas and crispy vadas with coconut chutney is the real deal. Everything is freshly made and served!

3. Gulati Restaurant

Comfortably placed in the busy Pandara Road Market, Gulati Restaurant serves re-indignations of North Indian and Mughlai dishes that are pure vegetarian. The place is commodious with rich-red leather furnishing and marbled floor.

You might want to roll your sleeves up to binge on their delicious dal makhani with homemade roti and appetizing kheer.


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4. Shraman

On the first floor of Ashok Hotel, Shraman is a Rajistani restaurant with prominent turquoise blue velvet walls, curtains and seat furnishings. This place is perfect if you are looking for a peaceful and calm dining experience.

Their extensive menu has a long list of regal dishes like daal baati churma, bikaneri paratha, kadhai paneer and so much more!

5. Sarvana Bhavan

Sarvana Bhavan is a gem of long-running Chennai-based restaurants that serve strictly vegetarian food. They have various outposts in the city. The most popular one is in Select Citywalk Mall. The place is very budget-friendly and fantastic for cosy meals.

Their fluffy and soft idlis are amazing!

6. Sattvik

Sattvik lives up to its expectations. This restaurant is found inside the 2nd floor of Select Citywalk Mall. The place is quite capacious with a gracious brown-coloured theme illuminated under yellow glaring lights.

This luscious backdrop gives you sheer delight to indulge in their extensive Indian vegetarian menu. You have to try their hari kadai with apples!

7. Rajdhani Restaurant

Close to the historically significant Dehli Gate, Rajdhani is a little eatery that offers Indian and Pakistani dishes. Drop by at this lovely restaurant to enjoy a non-fussy but delectable vegan meal. The staff here is always seen wearing traditional Gujrati clothes. Their time-honoured thaali’s are both spectacular and belly-filling.

8. Mumu Dahlin

In Pocket 1 of Jasola, Mumu Dahlin is a groovy white painted restaurant with funky furniture. From breakfast to dinner, the place serves all day long. Try their famous buffets. They keep changing the menu every day to bring in the tang you have been missing in your everyday meals.

Do try their delicious sizzlers!

9. The Masala Trail by Osama Jalali

A quirky and hip restaurant in the famous Select Citywalk Mall, Masala Trail offers a wide assortment of vegetarian delicacies from different Indian cuisines. Their mural wall with rickshaw paintings is worth taking pictures every time you visit. The food here is lip-smackingly delicious as well. Their sharbat’s and meethas are amazing!

10. Shrihari Vegetarian Restaurant

A super affordable restaurant that offers delivery services as well. Shrihari have a 100% vegetarian menu that is pretty extensive. Spot this laidback cafeteria-style eatery in Lajpat Nagar II of Dehli.

Order their matar mushroom and missi roti. It will leave you wanting for more!

Delhi has many vegetarian options but the above mentioned are the best of the best that you should try in 2019!

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