The beautiful history of Amsterdam

Updated: 17 December 2019

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Back in the 13th century, a group of Dutchmen colonized River Amstel. Ever since then, this
pearl of Netherlands has not stopped growing. It is now the 3rd largest city of the world running
behind London and Paris. Initially, this small fishing town was called Amstelredamme
representing both the river and its jaw-dropping dam. However, with time the name was
modified by the colonizers just to Amsterdam.

With more water canals than Venice, the city is often referred by the tenants as “the Venice of
North”. The customary sign of this capital is a red shield with 3 “St. Andrew’s crosses”. Legend
says these 3 crosses describe the 3 major foes of the city: plaque, fire and water, of course!

Since origin, Amsterdam has been very affluent in government affairs. First by ruling the
country through sovereign kingship and then through a constitutional monarchy working
alongside the parliament. Royal palace Koninklijk Paleis of Amsterdam lies near the gorgeous
Damn Square. It is one of the many residents of the current Queen Beatrix which is worth
taking a glimpse of.


Amsterdam is an incredible city lush in history and culture. Explore the oldest house nuzzled
conveniently in the epoch Warmoesstraat street, appreciated for being built by hand 530 years
ago – Fascinating isn’t it? But that’s just not it since the whole capital was built on mud with
supporting wooden poles, the time-worn houses have tilted slightly adding more beauty to this
metropolis. You will be captivated to see Amsterdam’s skyline hugged by these crooked homes.
Sometimes the entire street will be slanted left or right.

Apart from the traditional yearly cycling at the canal, there are so many marvellous places and amusing things one can do here. One of them is the booming art scene in Amsterdam. Rembrandt, Vermeer and Steen are some of the big names with outstanding pieces of enthralling paintings!

Surrounded by “grachtengordel” – the three chief water canals breathing enchantment into this
city have sheltered beautiful boathouses and 1500 antique buildings. All worthy of taking loads
of aesthetic pictures!

After a restless day, unwind with a little dose of history at the oldest Café Karpershoek in
Centrum District. Established right on the Harbour of Amsterdam in 1600s, gulp down a glass of
locally brewed Dutch wines or beers here while enjoying the vintage ambience.

Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum and Anne Frank’s House are hotspots one should definitely
visit as well and learn more about the diversified facts of Amsterdam.

This megalopolis was the first in the world to lay the foundation of a stock exchange. Founded
in the magnificent Beurs van Berlage building, which is open for sightseers as well.

Amsterdam flaunts a long-standing tale of evolution that one can only apprehend after seeing
this gracious city!

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