The 5 Best Restaurants for Falafel in Dubai

You cannot leave the Middle East without having falafel. If you are looking for the most delicious and authentic Middle Eastern food, Dubai is the place to be. Here is Vegefied’s guide to the top 5 restaurants to pick from: 

Jamie Marie

Jamie Marie

Updated: 7 September 2018

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Are you looking for the best falafel outlets in Dubai? Then read on and we will show you where to get the best falafel.


Falafel is one of those joys of everyday life; it’s something that is generally healthy and also delicious. Crunchy and soft, this food fills the stomach well.  Regardless of whether you want it as a filling to a wrap, or as little pieces you can indulge on, Falafel is truly a delight!


Here are the spots in Dubai where you can get the best falafels.

Operation: Falafel

This is said to be the most well-known place to get your falafel in Dubai. This chickpea dish is their staple menu. While they serve it in various ways, this is actually fine. You can buy 12 pieces for a budget-friendly price of 11 AED.

Photo Credit: Operation: Falafel

Reem Al Bawadi

A Dubai establishment, Reem Al Bawadi has a lot of branches where you can buy some good falafel. Their hot and yummy falafel is served as 10 dumplings and is presented with some fresh tahini and vegetables for a price of 35 AED. You can find any branch within Dubai and grab a bite and you will be amazed.

Photo Credit: Reem Al Bawadi

Karam Beirut

Make a beeline for Karam Beirut if you want to taste some Arabic food, and you will never get disappointed. Everything that is offered in this restaurant is of good value. You can taste some mezze, mixed greens and hummus, which are the best dishes here, however you’ll be similarly satisfied with the main dishes, which include barbecues and kebabs. Lebanese beverages are also available along with baked goods and treats, all in Arabic sophistication.

Photo Credit: Karam Beirut

Almaz by Momo

A standout amongst the most varied Middle Eastern restaurants in Dubai, Almaz by Momo serves a plenty of great dishes with a contemporary theme. Their falafel contains chickpeas, cumin and other spices with tahina sauce.

Photo Credit: Almaz by Momo


Situated in Dubai Mall, their falafel is presented with spiced tahini sauce and may include hot and crisp Lebanese bread. This place is constantly brimming with customers, and is the perfect place to satisfy your cravings.


Photo Credit: Zaytoni

Now that you have discovered the best places, head over there now!

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