Salzburg: The Sound of Music & Food

The picturesque little town in Austria was once a hidden treasure known about only by its inhabitants. But after the much acclaimed Academy Award-winning musical “The Sound of Music” was released, the city gained recognition for its cozy, homespun and angelic atmosphere. Here are some great vegetarian spots for tourists who want to experience Austria in its most charming, scenic and traditional form!


Weiher Wirt :

This outdoor restaurant overlooks the stunning Leopoldskron Lake and is run by a husband-and-wife duo with a mission to serve up the classics of Austrian cuisine in their most heroic and flawless form. With a seasonal menu, a “dinner for two” couples special (three course dinner) and a beer garden, this restaurant truly pulls out all the stops in hopes that you have a great time in Austria. Their vegetarian menu may be limited, but is still delicious and worth trying out! Enjoy “fine ribbon noodles on curry mango sauce with vegetables” or their delicious Fluffy Spinatknödel” while there.

220 GRAD :

Known for its coffee and hipster-studenty vibe, 220 GRAD is a coffee-lover’s lucid dream come to life. Delectable pastries like chocolate blueberry pie and even an all-out Sunday brunch, prove that this cafe is the perfect place to grab breakfast with friends or just relax and unwind in a casual and comfortable setting.

The Green Garden :

Organic, locally-sourced and completely vegetarian/vegan, the Green Garden aims to serve its guest the very best of what Austrian produce has to offer! The restaurant swears constant innovation of new dishes that adhere to this motto, with new concoctions coming up onto the menu all the time. Falafels, burgers and buddha bowls all find a home on The Green Garden’s ever expanding menu and are crowd favourites. So savor the taste of sustainable, pure and natural foods that are not only delicious, but are also healthy, clean and do good for the environment. Now that’s a bonus worth going to Salzburg for!  

The Heart of Joy:

This quaint little breakfast nook is a great cafe stop for vegans and non-vegans alike! Its all vegetarian and vegan menu is designed to make you feel right at home, while still bringing an element of speciality and exception. Try out their delightful morning meal options like “The Heart of Joy Breakfast”, “The Vegan Delight”, “Vedic Breakfast”, “Treat Yourself” and the “Bauernmüsli”. Also indulge in other popular foods like their range of ciabattas, berry nut cake, carrot and almond cake, spelled apple pie and their Cortado coffee.

Organic Pizza Salzburg:

Traditional pizza recipes executed with passion and perfection, this quick-eats pizzeria is known for its impeccable thin crust and scrumptious flavour combinations. With several vegan and vegetarian options to choose from as well, Organic Pizza makes conscious efforts to let everyone in on their pizza deliciousness. Clean, fresh, kid-friendly and not too harsh on your pocket either, this restaurant is an exceptional spot if you wanna enjoy a pizza (or two *wink wink*) with family or if you’re just craving a good ol’ satisfying slice of cheesy goodness.

So next time you’re in Salzburg and in a pickle about where to satisfy your gastronomical desires, think of these 5 places that prove that the birthplace of Mozart and “Do-Re-Mi”, is also perhaps an incredible food conquest waiting to be added to your bucket list!

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