On Your French Behavior: Party in the South of France

Some charisma, a couple of wild nights and a TON of food! Atlas Traversed 's guide to a luxurious and relaxing trip to the South of France. Ideal for a road trip with your best friends, a bachelorette trip or a romantic getaway with your partner.

Atlas Traversed

Atlas Traversed

Himadri Karani Mehta, jewelry designer by day and travel blogger by night. She loves all things fashion, management, art and food. Bitten by the travel bug, she has developed an urge to constantly travel; a desire to see countless cities, taste numerous cuisines, meet diverse people, and understand different cultures.

Updated on: 3 October 2018

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The South of France brims with glamour, glitz, luxury, romance and charm. So it is no surprise that this region of France is an expensive but popular choice for a summer getaway… with its high-end boutique stores, expensive cars, palatial hotels, fine-dine gourmet restaurants, and of course its sparkling blue waters dotted with multi-million dollar yachts, white sandy beaches, rustic countryside charm and mild summer days… the South of France is truly one of the most beautiful and exotic regions in the world.


With a mix of relaxed and opulent vibes, the French Riviera makes for an ideal destination for all age groups and all kinds of holidays! And while the French Riviera has so much to offer, I only had the opportunity to visit Monaco, St Tropez and Nice on a short, but rather sweet, bachelorette trip.


Monaco is literally like an adult disneyland from super stupefying cars to massive extravagant yachts and endless haute couture stores.

Day 1


After checking in to our hotel, we spent the morning exploring this glamorous town. (We stayed at the delightful and well-located Fairmont Hotel, close to the beach, shopping streets, nightclubs and the famous casino.)


We strolled  around the Cercle d’Or district as we passed luxury stores like Cartier, Chanel and other local boutiques before we stopped for a leisurely lunch at Cafe de Paris (ideal for people-watching/frolicking).


In the evening, we opted for some down time at the Nikki Beach Club, which was on the rooftop of our hotel. They have an amazing view of the coastline, a relaxing pool, live music, sheesha, drinks and some delicious sushi!


After a relaxing evening, we got ready to discover Monaco’s renowned nightlife. We had dinner reservations at Sass Cafe, where they served great Italian food. The burrata and truffle pizzas were divine! The dim lighting, live singer, foot-tapping music and overall engaging ambience added to the experience. We stayed on after dinner, the singer was followed by a DJ, and the restaurant turned into a club.


As the night progressed, we decided to check out the famous Casino de Monte-Carlo (definitely worth a visit), and even tried our hand at a bit of gambling!


Other Restaurants you can try: Cipriani or Sumosan Twiga

Photo Credit: Sass Cafe

Day 2




We started the day with a sumptuous brunch in a classy yet cozy cabana on Monte-Carlo Beach Club that has stunning views of the turquoise waters and white beaches.  

Post lunch, we drove to the port to take a private boat out to sea, for the rest of the day. We spent the day riding waves, sunbathing on deck, jumping into the alluring water and halting at scenic points to cliff-dive, snorkel and just float in the water.




We headed for land by sunset to ensure we had enough time to regain our energy for another night of partying in this ‘nightlife-haven’.


We had a long and fun dinner at Maya Bay. Our private table was outside, undisturbed and perfect for our bachelorette party drinking games. We enjoyed some exquisite sake and wholesome wine along with a good food variety from their Japanese and Thai menus.


Already tipsy, we headed for Jimmyz Club (the club only starts post midnight). This club, attracting some of the world’s most famous DJs, celebrities and VIPs, was full of energy and enigma and a must-visit for any party enthusiast!

Photo Credit: Jimmyz

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If you’re looking for indulgence and grandeur, Cannes is the place to for you! Known for its film festivals, this city is full of style, glamour and opulence.

Day 3


Take a day trip to the enchanting town of Cannes. Pass your time, strolling through its glamorous promenade and narrow streets, cozy cafes and beautiful villas painted in delicate pastel colours. Visit the popular Forville Market to find fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, and french staples like tapenade, cheese and more.


By evening, head to the exquisite restaurant-bar-club Baoli for evening drinks and dinner before you had back to Monaco.


If you choose to keep your night going, consider: Gotha Club

St. Tropez

This quaint charming town is often the ‘summer home’ for the rich and famous, with its exotic villas, vibrant but classy nightlife and up-market gourmet restaurants.

Photo Credit: Nikki Beach St. Tropez

Day 4



Today, we spent the morning exploring one of the most impressive aquariums in the world, the Musée Océanographique de Monaco. We then grabbed a quick bite at a local cafe before leaving for St. Tropez.  We spent the evening enjoying our rustic and dreamy villa before we got all dolled up for an exciting night at L’Opera. The food is amazing! (but you can’t share mains) The waiters aren’t the most friendly, but the ambience, music and vibe makeup for any cons this place may have! You’re sure to see endless champagne shows and some fun chic performances. And before you know it, you’ll be dancing on tables and throwing your napkins in the air!


To continue partying head to: Caves du Roy.

Photo Credit: L'Opera


We had a late start to the day with a sumptuous breakfast at a local cafe by the port. We then explored this beautiful town by foot, before heading to Nikki Beach Day Club to spend the rest of the day in innocent debauchery. After partying all day, we opted for a more relaxed night.


Other Popular Day Club Options in St Tropez: Bagatelle or Shellona Beach Club.


We drove to Nice and got there in time for dinner. (We stayed at the Le Meridien hotel, located just off the Promenade). We walked along the Promenade des Anglais and enjoyed a ride on a beautiful carousel on the way to dinner at La Petite Maison.


Le Vivier Lounge: is a good option for drinks with a panoramic view of the town.

Day 6


Beautiful French streets of Nice with various delicious vegetarian restaurants, rich history and elegant architecture.

We checked-out after breakfast and spend the afternoon touring Nice. We roamed Nice’s streets and piazzas around its Old Town before choosing from a plethora of cafes, restaurants and bars to dine at. We then took our luggage and made our way to the airport to take our flight back home.  


You can also buy souvenirs from galleries and stores around the Old Town.


A few days is hardly enough time to experience this beautiful region of Southern France… and I just can’t wait to go back and explore more!…

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