Drool-Worthy Vegan Spots in Barcelona

A commercial and cultural epicenter, Barcelona in Spain is without a doubt one of the greatest cities in Europe and a bucket-list city for anyone who loves that sunny, romantic, European city feeling. But one lesser known fact about this spectacular city, is its up-and-coming vegan revolution with new plant-based restaurants, tapas bars and cafes showing up all over town.


Here are some of Vegefield’s top picks:

Veggie Garden:

Economical, appetizing and positively ravenous, The Veggie Garden brings the best of veganism from across the world to your plate with dishes ranging from burgers to Indian thalis. Eclectic, colourful decor adorned by walls of gorgeously vivid murals, give the restaurant a casual yet comfy atmosphere. This place is a vegan delight and can be enjoyed by meat-eaters as well as non meat-eaters.

Photo Credit: Veggie Garden

Vegetalia :

If you want innovatively healthy food that doesn’t break the bank, this great little restaurant is sure to leave you smacking your lips and satisfied to your core! The primarily vegetarian (with equally delicious vegan options) restaurant has affordable food and wine (average order total is just 15 euros) and is located at the heart of Barcelona. While there, try out the vegan pizza, mojitos, fajitas and house-made hummus.

Photo Credit: Vegetalia

Cat Bar Vegan:

This underrated yet absolutely divine herbivorous joint is known for conjuring up wickedly delicious vegan burgers that the Catalonian masses are willing to wait hours in line for. With a punkish, laid-back atmosphere, Cat Bar makes its patrons feel like they’re a part of the underground Barcelona hipster movement and their food too screams “young, fresh and to die for!” Don’t miss out their excellent selection of artisanal craft beers that are a perfect on a hot summer day in Spain!

Photo Credit: CatBarCAT

Teresa Carles:

When Teresa Carles Borras first opened up her restaurant, she had one goal in mind: use fresh, local produce to take a healthier, plant-based crack at traditional Spanish classics. Located in the middle of the very busy and chaotic Las Ramblas, this vegetarian restaurant is booming with happy customers, vegans and non-vegans alike, with the singular knowledge that they are paying for certifiably delicious food that is amazing on your waistline! The “Healthy Nachos” come highly recommended and the restaurant also has an in-house juice pressery with funky, exotic and insanely refreshing flavours to choose from.

Photo Credit: Teresa Carles

Enjoy Vegan:

This friendly neighborhood vegan joint is known for its all-vegan/vegetarian menu, quaint and homey location, and cordial staff. From gazpacho to cous-cous and even banana spinach plum cake (which is highly recommended by local customers), this place really knows how to keep it light, fun and interesting always. Even if you’re not in the mood for something too heavy on your gut, Enjoy Vegan can make that happen, with their wide selection of snacks and mini meals that satisfy the palates of all who enter!

Photo Credit: Enjoy Vegan

Veganism is still a growing trend around the world with seemingly every non-vegetarian on the planet having their fair share of justifiable inhibitions on the subject. But one city that I can confidently say has gotten ahead of the plant-based gastronomy game is Barcelona without a doubt. With well-established fan favourite vegan spots scattered around town and new ones popping up all the time, it’s safe to assume that this beautiful Spanish metropolis truly shares its food with every kind of person, no matter their choices!

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