Best Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurants in Tokyo

Wandering around Japan can leave a sense of  wonder, but when stomachs begins to rumble it can be hard to wrap one’s head around the number of restaurants to choose from,especially for a vegan or vegetarian. It isn’t hard to find places to eat that cater to the meatless diet in most Asian countries but Japan has so many food choices that it can seem difficult to findsomewhere for a bite to eat. Daijyoubu (don’t worry), here is a few places that are easily accessible from almost anywhere in Tokyo.


There are a few chains in Japan that are the easiest to find and you can accidentally run into them while exploring! Coco’s Curry is one of the most popular and can be found near train stations. They have a variety of curries to choose from, including a vegetarian curry. If it isn’t on the given menu, don’t hesitate to ask for the vegetarian menu. There is a “vegetable” curry, but careful it may contain pieces of pork.


Mos Burger is another well-known chain that can be found in a populated area. They have soy burgers (unfortunately they are not vegan) in several varieties along with a vegetable rice bun which should be vegan-friendly. These items may be seasonal. Another great place to check out would be Saizeriya. They are a pasta or Italian chain with a few vegetarian options. These chains are relatively cheap and can be found over most of Japan.


If you are in Tokyo, more than likely you will be passing through Tokyo Station. As chaotic as Tokyo station is, try to find T’s Tantan, a completely vegan ramen shop reasonably priced and a worthwhile trip for some satisfying ramen. In Harajuku, you will find a Nepalese/Indian restaurant by the name of Akasha. They have plenty of vegan and vegetarian choices, and if you are with anyone who enjoys eating meat there are just as many choices for them to enjoy! Indian restaurants are all over Japan and a perfect place for a vegetarian and vegan-friendly meal. Not as easily found is a Mediterranean, vegan-friendly restaurant in Shibuya. 

Photo Credits: Time Out (T's Tan Tan)

These next few are a bit pricey but totally worth a try. Ain Soph has three locations in Tokyo: Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, and Ginza. All three are vegan! It is a cafe styled restaurant that is loved by several popular YouTubers. 8ablish is probably the most expensive restaurant on this list but well worth it. They also have a shop where you can take things like vegan pudding home with you. The restaurant can be found in Harajuku.


If you can’t find these gems, most places will have a vegetarian option if you ask. Enjoy everything that Japan has to offer!

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