Best Restaurants in London for Summer 2020

Vegefied has collected a list of some of the top new restaurants in London that you must visit this summer.


Updated: 19 October 2019

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London is the capital of UK and home to over 8 million people. It has been a great cultural center for hundreds of years. London is very easy to navigate around, and is compact enough to explore on foot. Every summer, May through August, temperatures are mild and the city is green and blooming. With that being said, it has one of the best restaurants and cuisines from all over the world. Here are few exciting restaurants to grab a bite this summer in London.

1. Padella

Padella is a pasta bar which serves fresh hand rolled pasta with amazing sauces and fillings. If you are roaming around the area of London Bridge and Borough Market this is a place not to be missed. The restaurant is super busy and you have to wait to get a table. Not a bad option considering that there are a bunch of pubs in the neighborhood. But once you get in Padella, there are really good dishes that are must try!

Vegefied Tip- The lines can get really long and there’s no pre booking so not a spot to hit up if you’re hungry! But if you do wait in line, take turns to shop at the Borough Market and when you get in try the gnocchi with nutmeg sauce and sage butter ravioli. 

2. Feya

Feya is a wonderful café with classy interior and décor. It is a magnificient restaurant food is so nicely presented that it actually feels rude to destroy the piece of art. It has an extensive menu but is known for its breakfast and grab a bite kind of style. The restaurant has a cute and cozy atmosphere and seats only 31 people.

Vegefied Tip- Everything is too pretty to eat but we’d order the iconic smoothie bowls, avo toast and the fluffy pancakes. Mouthgasm! 

3. The Knot

This Belgian Café is located in one of London’s wealthiest areas, Kensington. The Knot is surrounded with free museums and many great activities for locals and tourists. Out of all of the cafes and instagram hot spots, all the rage for this café is due to the churros shaped like a knot, freak shakes, chocolate sauce, sprinkles, charcoal- matcha- and turmeric latte. It’s basically like being in a posh adult version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!

Vegefied Tip- It’s just a 3-minute walk from the South Kensington tube station and a pretty tiny place so make a pit stop if you’re in the area. 

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4. Wahaca

Wahaca is a traditional Mexican restaurant located nearby the famous Trafalgar Square which is one of the trendiest and touristy spot in London. This bustling square is often considered the heart of the city as it is surrounded by museums, galleries, cultural spaces and historic buildings. There are many locations which you can choose to go but people often prefer the one in Covent Garden. You can definitely enjoy the lively surroundings and some cool music while you wait to be seated.

Vegefied Tip- Wahaca has more than 10 locations in London. It is a difficult choice between the Covent Garden and the Canary Wharf location. But we’d even go to the one in Westfield Mall for a bit of shopping and the sweet potato taquito! 

5. Harry’s Dolce Vita

This fine dine spot is riddled with the 1960s Italian glamour. Head here for unfussy food and some cool cocktails to take it up a notch. Located in the beautiful Knightsbridge, which is a posh area with grand Victorian homes and leafy garden squares. Harry’s Dolce Vita serves breakfast, lunch and dinner with an extensive Italian wine list and classic cocktails. Their tiramisu is amazing; its worth trying their dessert menu!

Vegefied Tip- If you’re dropping those pounds at Harrods, here’s the restaurant you need to walk over to. Order the great truffle, Parmesan pasta and you whole shopping experience lights up. 

6. Brasserie of Light

The new restaurant at Selfridges with OTT Art Deco interior and exterior. Great all day menu but can do a quick lunch with a couple of nice veggie options. It is close to Oxford Street, which is world’s biggest high street and is also famous for shopping. Brasserie of Light serves classic British and internationally inspired dishes with an extensive all-day A La Carte menu which includes breakfast, elevenses, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and weekend brunch alongside wine and cocktails.

Vegefied Tip- Shop shop until you go here and drop! Try their creamy burrata with smoked tomato, 
asparagus tortellini and warm goats cheese salad. Ahhh-maze! Don’t expect too much for a big group or a really cool dinner vibe. 

7. The Barbary

The Barbary is located in the classy Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden. The restaurant is inspired by Barbary Coast where the Berbers settled in the 16th century. The notorious pirates and the Barbary Lion destroyed the name of the Barbary Coast. There are many tales of trade, travel, culture and heritage that tells so much about this rich culinary restaurant. Their menu is all about freshness, food is cooked in the purest way with fire. The cuisine of the Barbary mainly reflects countries from the Atlantic Coast through to the Mediterranean Sea leading to the Middle East. It is a really cool place for a pre bite before you hit up a show or musical in London. 

Vegefied Tip- There is no pre-booking for Barbary so expect a little wait to get in, and enjoy the shopping experience around the place. The restaurant does not have many veggie options, but definitely all the hipsters of London are packed in one place.

8. Park Chinois

This fine dine Chinese restaurant is a classic example of old is gold. Explore this restaurant in an upscale district of elegant Georgian Townhouses. Its fancy Berkeley Street neighbors in Mayfair create a very regal vibe. Inside you will be welcomed by an atmospheric jazz club, so that you can sit back, listen to music and enjoy your food.

Vegefied Tip- For an upscale fine dining restaurant Park Chinois requires a good sense of dressing. Booking a table in advance can be quite helpful so be prepared for a late night supper club cabaret vibe and definitely order the vegetarian Dimsum platter, Mapo Tofu and Stir fried lotus root!            

This summer make the best of London city with these fantastic eating places. What could one ask for when great food is aligned with the amazing weather and a beautiful city!

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