Best Coffee Shops in Brazil

One of the best coffee beans out there is directly from Brazil. For all you caffeine addicts, here are some mustn’t miss spots.

Katie Anderton

Katie Anderton

Updated: 25 October 2018

Brazil – home of amazing coffee (amongst other things). We noticed that when you’re visiting Brazil, because coffee is such a big thing, you won’t struggle to find a coffee shop, but you might not find one of the best.


After all, you are in one of the best countries, if not THE best, for coffee…you shouldn’t settle for anything less than perfect. Here are our top picks on the best coffee shops in Brazil, no matter where you are. So, let’s dive right in.

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Of course, we had to start with one of the most famous coffee shops in Brazil. The Confeitaria Colombo is over 120 years old, and even if you’re not planning on getting a coffee (for whatever reason), you need to visit the building itself – it’s actually a landmark now.


As you can imagine, the coffee is amazing, but this wonderful coffee shop is also well-known for its desserts. Give one a try when you visit.


The wonderful Confeitaria Colombo is located in Rio de Janeiro, RJ.

R. Gonçalves Dias, 32 – Centro, Rio de Janeiro – RJ, 20050-030, Brazil

+55 21 2505-1500

Photo credit: Confeitaria Colombo

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Another option for you, if you’re wandering around Rio de Janeiro is Casa Cave. The first thing you’ll notice is that it isn’t as busy as Confeitaria Colombo, which many find quite appealing. It’s an incredibly beautiful coffee shop too.


The gorgeous ageing walls, cracked floors and nice little charm has made it a favourite in Rio. The coffee is delightfully powerful (something you’ll need when you’re exploring Brazil). The food and pastries are also to just die for.

Photo credit: Casa Cave

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Okay, we’re now in Curitiba, PR, and we’ve gone into the gorgeous Café do Mercado. Inside you’ll meet tourists, expats and locals alike – everybody wants great coffee.


The café is right next to the fish market, which is an attraction itself, which makes it a great place to people watch. Also, we have to mention, the prices are so reasonable which is always a huge plus.


Just a warning – you will return to this café, several times.

Photo credit: Café do Mercado

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We’re obsessed with Coffee Lab – a gorgeous coffee shop located in Sao Paulo, SP. This is a coffee shop you just HAVE to visit, at least once. The shop is made to look like a lab, as you probably guessed from the name, and the workers walk around in jumpsuits, which gives it such a different feel.


The coffee is truly out of this world too – Coffee Lab very often gets recognised as serving the best coffee in Sao Paulo. The extensive menu means that you will definitely find something you love and try some new things whilst you’re there.

Photo Credit: Coffee Lab

As one of the world’s largest coffee producers, finding a good cup of coffee isn’t difficult, but finding a beautiful coffee shop that allows you to soak in the culture is important for your brazil trip.

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