Best Bars in Hvar, Croatia

Hvar’s notoriety for being an island for party goers is based on the activities around the harbor of Hvar. This concept was started by the bar Carpe Diem, whose move into the shoreline fostered the opening of various bars near the yacht-lined waterfront. Croatia is definitely not just a place for it’s beautiful scenery, but has a one of the best nightlife! 

Looking for the best bars in Hvar, Croatia? Here are some of them :


Its ascent in status runs with the progress of the island itself. Carpe Diem initially opened while the island was just booming. This bar picked up its notoriety for being a celebrity hang-out through its VIP zone. Actually, Carpe Diem is still a great place for fun, with costs higher than typical and with shoreline DJ sessions throughout the entire summer. They have awesome cocktails too.

Photo Credits: Carpe Diem


This is said to be the best of Hvar’s commended shoreline bars. Hula Hula  Hvar is a place where you can sip a mixed drink while watching the sunset. It is just a 15-minute stroll around the headland from the town. Hula has DJs from early night onwards to create a party scene.

Photo Credits: Hula Hula


Basically a natural restaurant with the best choice of wines all over Croatia, the friendly Wine Bar 3 Pršuta can likewise be the place where you can sample two to three drinks alongside local cheese. There are seats outside which offer a prime perspective of the happenings on the narrow road that is surrounded by other restaurants.


This place is 10 minutes away from the Hvar harbourfront, but this bar always attracts a lot of partygoers.  Individuals don’t come to see and be seen. The Kiva conveys great antiquated fun, with reasonably-priced beverages, great music, and a global, more youthful crowd that is willing to get drunk on the shoreline.

Photo Credits: Kiva Bar


Just a short walk from Hula Hula Hvar, FALKO is a shoreline bar that is similar to the other bars but without the large crowd. It has a shack with a lot of lavenders where you can lounge and look at the beautiful view of the south west coast and the Paklinski islands. You can even sleep on a hammock during the late afternoon. It offers the usual mixed drinks, wines and beers along with bruschetta.

Photo Credits: Falko


The happiest place among the island hotels is the BB Club where more sophisticated people hang out to some great tasting cocktails and music. It’s all easygoing, with light nibbles alongside champagnes by the glass. There are impressive views of the Harbour.

Photo Credits: BB Club
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