Awesome Vegetarian Restaurants in Barcelona

Vegefied has found some excellent vegetarian restaurants in this beautiful city of Spain!

Updated: 28 September 2019

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Barcelona is the capital of the autonomous region of Catalonia sitting on the Mediterranean Sea. It is the second largest city in Spain with a population of more than a million people. The city receives approximately thirty million visitors every year which makes it the fourth most visited place in Europe

From Barcelona’s sun-bleached beaches and magnificent malls to the lofty churches and scurrying streets, its evident why this city never fails to amaze visitors.  Known for its rich heritage and culture, Barcelona is also known for its scrumptious Catalan food along with many restaurants that serve delicious dishes from all over the world. 

We have compiled a list of some amazing vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona that are worth trying!

1. Quinoa Bar Vegetarià

Located in the Bohemian neighbourhood of Gracia, Quinoa Bar Vegetaria is a quirky vegetarian spot that is small but very welcoming. They make the tastiest veggie burgers in town including their clasica burger that is everyone’s favourite; it’s a veggie burger on a multi-grain roll with lettuce, tomato, sauce and some pickles. They also have a list of refreshing beverages which includes fresh juices, smoothies, coffee, tea and cocktails. All their juices are super fresh and the food is made in front of the customers at the main counter.


Vegefied Tip: Who says finding strawberries in Barcelona is hard!? Quinoa Bar Vegetaria serves remarkable banana bread with some amazing fresh strawberries.

2. BarCeloneta Sangria Bar

This cozy bar can be found near one of the most distinguished and well-known beaches in the city. You can relax, swim and have fun at the Barceloneta Beach and also grab a bite at this bar/restaurant. BarCeloneta Sangria Bar serves vegetarian Spanish tapas, veggie burgers made with vegan cheese and many raw dishes. 

They also have a selection of sugar-free, dairy-free desserts, as well as vegan paella. The vegan paella is not to be missed which comes along with unique flavors. They even serve organic wine and offer a large selection of sangrias that can be ordered with or without alcohol.


Vegefied Tip: Looking for a place to relax? Head over to the BarCeloneta Bar to grab some amazing food and spend leisure time at the beach.

3. Teresa Carles

This innovative healthy food place has been operating since 1979. Teresa Carles aims to improve people’s quality of life through awareness of healthy food and using innovative techniques to make yummy food.

Chef Teresa Carles Borras has been a professional chef for 35 years and cooks amazing dishes using the best products from her home town of Algerri.

She took inspiration from what her mother and grandmother while re-creating her traditional family recipes using all-natural ingredients.Try their vegan lasagne and also their delicious soup that comes along with a fresh bread! You must try this place for its fantastic food and an even better ambiance. Take your nearest metro stop and head over to this great restaurant at the busy street of Carrer de Jovellanos.


Vegefied Tip: Craving for some tasty Nachos? Teresa Carles is the place you are looking for!

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4. Flax & Kale


If you are in mood for fresh salads, gluten-free pasta ,warm dishes or even cold-pressed juices, Flax & Kale is your place to be. Vegetarian dishes make up 80% of the menu and this super healthy flexitarian restaurant focuses not only on the aesthetics of the dishes but also considers its proper nutritional value. 

Flax & Kale is Teresa Carles affiliated brand and the chef is passionate about feeding people better so they can be happier and live longer with an optimal health. This upscale café is located in the beautiful hidden Street of CarrerdelsTallers where you can relax and enjoy your healthy meal at the rooftop terrace.


Vegefied Tip: Flax & Kale has an exceptionally decorated cute sitting area along with an option for dining at the terrace – highly recommended!


5. Vegetart Cuina Vegana

Off the beaten path, far away from the tourists, you can find this small vegan restaurant! This place offers a great chance to explore a fashionable neighbourhood along with relishing food.

Vegetart is your ‘go-to’ place if you want to try a healthy take away at a reasonable price. The owner and chef of this eatery, Zaraida, makes the most scrumptious vegetarian food such as potatoes omelets and gnocchi al pesto. However, the restaurant’s menu changes on a daily basis and while you will mostly find vegan comfort food here, expect everything to be cooked using quality ingredients.


Vegefied Tip: Vegetart changes its menu everyday so you are bound to find something different every time you visit. The place never gets boring!

If you are a healthy eater, then these absolutely mouthwatering restaurants are a must try! On a busy schedule, you can grab a quick bite from cool places like Flax & Kale or take away from Veget Art Cuina Vegana. The traditional Catalian heritage contrasting with modern colourful culture, amazing mouth- watering food and fun neighbourhoods make Barcelona a must visit city!

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