A Parisian Guide to a Romantic Valentines Day

Paris is not only known as the city of lights, but it is also widely regarded as the city of love. If you are lucky enough to be planning the most romantic day of the year, Valentine’s Day, in the city, you will not leave disappointed. It has particular magic which comes in handy during this special day and an authentic source of romance.

Jhoana Carla de Toro

Jhoana Carla de Toro

Updated: 12 February 2019

Paris never runs out of attractions and activities for couples; it is the city for lovers, par excellence, and for an excellent reason. The city is dotted with poetic parks and gardens with breathtaking panoramas, not to mention world-class restaurants which will leave your palate asking for more. Take a romantic stroll together, enjoy breathtaking views of the city, watch operas and other shows together, see an old movie at a Parisian cinema, have a picnic in one of the city’s many gorgeous gardens, take a boat tour or a cruise down the River Seine, and dine in one of the many restaurants.

Any Valentine’s day date is not complete without a meal, perhaps fine dining with candle lights while you and your significant other partake of excellent food and gaze into each other’s eyes. If you or your partner happen to be vegan or vegetarian, there is no need to worry as there is a profusion of restaurants in Paris which offer excellent food that does not have any meat. Who says vegan or vegetarian cannot be healthy, enjoyable, and romantic at the same time?

Le Cinq

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Located in the Four Seasons George V Hotel, Le Cinq is a 3-star Michelin flagship restaurant. The restaurant’s menu is dubbed as an epicurean escape and the standard of cooking unquestionable. However, it is the theatrical spectacle which makes it truly unique and in a class all its own. When you enter the restaurant, you will see crystal chandeliers, brocade carpets, and gorgeous mahogany commodes, things that are befitting of royalty. Extravagant and luxurious, the restaurant also offers a full vegetarian menu with unique dishes such as slowly cooked egg with Jerusalem artichoke and parmesan cream, tofu with spices and seasonal vegetables and udon noodles with edamame beans and shiitake mushrooms. Portions are generous so it is advisable to stick to one starter and one main course, as the restaurant also serves two welcome dishes.

Photo Credit: Le Cinq

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Another 3-star Micheline restaurant, L’Arpège is headed by charismatic and legendary chef Alain Passard. The restaurant closed when its head chef wanted to take a hiatus and when he came back to the culinary scene and reopened the restaurant, he shocked everyone when he declared he would only be serving an all-vegetarian menu. He eventually brought back fish and poultry to the list and had kept his three stars at the same time. A meal at the restaurant can cost as much as €800 so it is better to stick to the full tasting menu. Should you decide to order ala carte, some notable dishes worth spending your money. Trust us his version of a vegetarian meal is absolutely drool-worthy. 

Photo Credit: L'Aprege

Sense Eat

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An epicurean vegetarian restaurant Sense Eat provides customers with healthy, gourmet cuisine with an Italian touch. Boasting of an explosive and creative cuisine, it will make diners rediscover Italian cuisine with a new eye. Set in Rue Mazarine in the trendy neighborhood of Odeon, the restaurant is owned and managed by Italians. Chef Maurizio Carlucci heads the kitchen and whips up creations such as ricotta di Bufala smoked in mountain way and served with amazing onion ice cream, gnocchi with mountain potatoes, mint, wood sorrel and spring beans, and beetroot with hibiscus flower syrup, sesame nougatine and white chocolate ice cream. The dishes are served one after another and the delicate flavors will make you forget the fact that all the recipes are devoid of meat. If all vegetarian restaurants were as good as Sense Eat, everyone would be vegetarians.

Photo Credit: Sense Eat


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This 60-seat bistro-cum-brasserie has a laid-back vibe with its exposed stone walls and overhead ventilation ducts. It’s eclectic and small menu treats vegetables really well and instead of heavy cream and meat-filled dishes, diners can expect light, fresh, and innovative dishes. Some of the dishes which diners can look forward to are the soupe d’agrumes or fresh citrus segments in a soup made from their own juice, skate with sauce vierge, blanquette de veau, and grilled shiitake mushrooms. Their menu is large enough to make everyone happy and their extensive wine list is also well-priced.

Photo Credit: Semilla
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