3 Must Visit Chocolate Shops in Brugge

The infamous Belgian chocolate, that just melts in your mouth, you cannot leave Belgium without having some.  There may be an overwhelming number of delicious patisseries and chocolate shops  in Brugge, however Vegefied has broken it down to the 3 of the best ones!

Katie Anderton

Katie Anderton

Updated: 23 October 2018

When you visit Brugge, you just need to try what they’re famous for, yes, we’re talking about chocolate. Of course, you can treat yourself to Belgian chocolate when you’re, literally, anywhere. Although, there’s something completely different and special to the chocolate you buy chocolate from an independent chocolate shop in Belgium itself.


So, if you’re visiting, we have compiled the top three chocolate shops in Brugge, that you just need to visit.

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The Chocolate Line has actually been honoured the title of “number 1 in the world” by many, which means you’ll be missing out if you don’t visit.


First thing you’ll notice when you visit are the window displays; they are just amazing, you’ll see the wonderful arrangements of their beautiful, quality chocolate…you’ll be drooling. And it only gets better once you enter.


The shop was created by Dominique Persoone, a legend in Belgium and abroad, with his ingenious creativity and rock and roll theme. You can treat yourselves to chocolate pills, chocolate lip balm and chocolate lips, just to name a few.


The quality of the chocolate will definitely confirm to you why The Chocolate Line is just so popular. You’re completely spoilt for choice, but when you do pick the chocolate you want, you’ll experience a melt-in-your mouth, beautifully flavoured chocolate with an amazing aftertaste.

Photo credit: The Chocolate Line

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Chances are, you’ve heard of Choc-O-Lait before – you know, the chocolate sticks that completely transform milk?


It’s one of those genius ideas that make you question; “why didn’t I think of this?” but it’s wonderful nonetheless. When you visit Brugge, make sure to visit Choc-O-Lait, and enjoy a “real” hot chocolate.


This would be perfect for those cold winter days, when you want to enjoy a cosy chunk of Belgian chocolate but melted into a dreamy hot chocolate instead.

Photo credit: Choc-O-Lait

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The third and final place on our list had to be Pralinette, what really caught our eye about this wonderful chocolate shop is the young chocolatiers. Not only does the Pralinette give them a chance to learn and test out their talents, but they bring new ideas to the shop. Things like chocolate coated strawberries and basil-infused chocolate are just some of these things.


Maybe it’s the shop, the fresh talent or the incredible heart of the shop, but the Pralinette is so unique and individual, but still creates all their chocolate in the traditional way – they were even awarded the ‘Handmade in Brugge’ label.

Photo credit: Pralinette

Well, there’s 3 of our top choices of chocolate shops in Brugge, they will definitely tickle your sweet tooth.  Remember to let us know if you visit any.

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