3 Best Places for Dal Bukhara/ Makhani in Delhi

Don’t shoot us, but we have to admit that we didn’t know the difference between dal bukhara and dal makhani when we started this post. We made a quick call to a real food connoisseur from Delhi, who helped us plough through this problem. So it turns out Dal Bukhara is the the ultra refined sister of Dal Makhani. Dal Bukhara is slowly cooked black lentil over a period of 18 hours, whereas Dal Makhani has a shorter cooking time but another ingredient called kidney beans or Rajma!

Phew now that we have that out of the way, here’s where you can try them for yourself:


Diplomatic Enclave, Sadar Patel Marg, New Delhi, Delhi 110021, India

Photo credits: Bukhara

This ITC Maurya restaurant, as the name suggests, is the holy birthplace of “Dal Bukhara”. Nothing can ever be wrong with a dal that has been cooked with standard sized lentils, in mineral water, overnight and only taken off the flame the second it needs to be served into your plate!


F 15, District Center, Janak Place, Janakpur, Delhi, 110058, India

Photo credits: I Love Indian Food

For a classic dal makhani (with oodles of makhan aka butter) head to the Moti Mahal. Moti Mahal gives ultimate value for money but not so much for the carbs. We always come out full till our throats!


M-71, 1st Floor, GK-2 Market, Greater Kailash, New Delhi, 110048, India

Photo credits: Mini Mughal

This long running Mughlai restaurant is one of the best bets in the city for Amul butter laden dal makhani. Enjoy it with their soft, yet fluffy, yet crispy butter naans. This is for a super friendly, yummy yet reasonable night out with the family or a large group.


For more listings, check out www.vegefied.com.

Author: Sneha Mehta


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