10 Best Lisbon Restaurants To Try This Summer 2019

One of the most beautiful cities in Southern European, Lisbon is a great place to visit to experience both its food and night life. Vegefied has collected a list of the 10 best restaurants you must try if you are in the city this summer.

Updated: 02 July 2019

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Last year, Lisbon saw over 4.5 million visitors, which is almost nine times the population of the city. With such a thriving tourist industry, Lisbon is full of top restaurants serving all kinds of local and international cuisines. Summers are the best time to explore this lovely city. We have prepared a list of the top 10 restaurants you must try if you visit Lisbon this year.

Casa Nepalesa

Photo Credit: Casa Nepalesa

Capa Nepalesa is a unique Nepalese restaurant not far from the Lisbon Zoo. Tucked away into a narrow street, it is away from the beaten path and is a great place to try something different.

Nepalese food is not something people associate with Lisbon, but with a hint of a local Portuguese touch, the Casa Nepalesa is a must-try for any vegetarian.


Vegefied tip: If you have never been to a Nepalese restaurant this is the place to start with!

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Photo Credit: La Trattoria

If you are craving for some Italian food, head over to La Tratorria close to the famous Marquis of Pombal Square. They have tons of vegetarian options including pasta, pizzas and lasagne. While the place is certainly up-scale, you will get great portions at a very reasonable price.


 Vegefied tip: You can get a gluten-free version of almost every item on the menu!

O Prego

Photo Credit: City Guide Lisbon

O Prego is a vegetarian restaurant near Castelo de S. Jorge.  Known for their live music gigs that happen every Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays. They are open till late at night with outdoor seating and a full bar. Their courteous and friendly staff makes the whole experience even better. They have two kinds of fantabulous veggie burgers made from chickpea and lentils – do not leave the place without trying them!

Vegefied Tip: If you want to enjoy a traditional night in Lisbon, this is the place you must go to.

Os Tibetanos

Photo Credit: Tibetanos.com

This restaurant is a must-try for anyone who enjoys new experiences. Os Tibetanos is a vegetarian restaurant that serves amazing Tibetan dishes. Just a small walk from Alfredo Keil Garden, it has a warm-hued ambiance perfect for relaxed dinners with your loved ones. Their mango curry and spring rolls are absolutely delicious!

Vegefied Tip: An All-Vegetarian restaurant in Lisbon offering you an unique Tibetan dining experience.

​Hamburgueria do bairro

Photo Credit: Hamburgueria do Bairro

This restaurant near Assembleia da Republica is a great choice for tasty yet healthy meals. It has a variety of vegetarian options including its Ali baba falafel burger which is mouth-watering! It has a minimalist ambiance with amazing staff and a reasonably priced menu that will make you keep coming back for more.

Vegefied Tip: Known for their Excellent Vegetarian burgers – Must try!

Santa Clara Dos Cogumelos

Photo Credit: Boa Cama Boamesa

Santa clara dos cogumelos is an Italian restaurant near Panteao Nacional. Situated in the Graca & Sao Vicente, this is part of the historic centre of Lisbon that is very rarely visited by international tourists.

It has an extensive menu based around the the love of Mushrooms. Everything from the starters to the main courses and even desserts have some form of a mushroom in them. Not only does this make them different but it allows them to serve numerous vegetarian and gluten free dishes.

Vegefied Tip: This place is a Paradise for a mushroom lover!

Boa Bao

Photo Credit: Boa-Bao

In the heart of Lisbon, this Pan-Asian restaurant serves modern versions of the famous street foods from Thailand, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Japan, Nepal and China.

You can find all your favourite Asian delicacies including Pad Thai, dumplings, samosa and of course, Bao Bao. The decor is quirky with both indoor and outdoor seating set in the reminiscent of an old market in Saigon. It also has a full bar which is famous for its unique cocktails and mocktails.

Vegefied Tip: If you are craving Asian food try this place!

Pop Cereal Cafe

Photo Credit: Pop Cereal Cafe

This is a breakfast cafe unlike anything you have ever seen. Adjacent to Adega Machado, the Pop Cereal Cafe is a paradise for someone who likes to try different kinds of cereals for breakfast. Apart from this, they serve some sweetilious incarnations of waffles, ice creams and shakes!

To top it off, the whole place is an explosion of colours! Really takes you back to the good old days of your childhood – do not miss if you have a sweet-tooth!

Vegefied Tip: Enter a cereal paradise and “create your own sugar run”

Gandhi Palace

Photo Credit: Gandhi Palace

The Gandhi Palace offers unique mix of Indian food with a slight Italian twist to them and interestingly it works well!  It is close to the beautiful Castelo de S. Jorge. The place is known for its great service and a huge selection of Indian food.

Most of the dishes reflect North Indian/Punjabi cuisine and you can try their karhai, biryani, naans and even gulab jamun. To top it off, you can enjoy the night with some Indian classics playing in the background. This place is truly an India away from India.

Vegefied Tip: If you can’t decide what to have? This place serves a cross cultural menu, offering both Indian and Italian plates

Time Out Market

Photo Credit: Time Out Lisbon

Within just 8 months of opening, this was the 2nd most visited place in Lisbon! The Time Out Market is a 10,000 m2 indoor market with 24 restaurants, 12 shops and 8 bars! This is a fun and busy place with casual chic venues as well as more humble establishments.

The east side of the market has traditional cafes, fresh fruits and vegetables while the other side offers a fine dining experience. It can be easily reached by the Cais do Sodre train station. The venue is busy year round with live concerts, cooking classes and various other events happening every season.

Vegefied Tip: Enjoy a wide selection of global restaurants – go here if everyone in the family wants to eat different food.


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