• Sneha Mehta (Momtrepreneur)

  • An eccentric-ambitious-achiever mom who has a relentless will to get what she wants. One peek inside Vegefied, and you know there is method to her madness!

  • Radhika Shah (Founder, Funder, Eater)

  • When she isn't stressing about her Instagram feed, Radhika is overdosing on coffee. Unlike most creative people, she is delightfully schedule bound and bullish about her commitments.

  • Esha Mehta (Chief of Stuff)

  • This job title explains Esha's over-committed role at Vegefied aptly. When not creating stunning campaigns, Esha is listening to strange podcasts and sourcing coconut cookies from Hong Kong.

  • Shilpa Shah (Chaos Organiser)

  • Shilpa keeps interjecting Vegefied's speedy growth with order and systems. An almost mom of two, Shilpa is a compulsive researcher and data digger.

  • Rushabh Mutha (Techspert)

  • Rushabh is World Wide Web geek and can troubleshoot through a problem of any gravity except his unruly hair.

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