Vegan Black Bean Burger

Craving for a vegan burger but do not want to compromise on the taste? We have got the perfect recipe for you. These highly nutritious burgers are packed with flavorful beans and mushrooms. You will get the satisfying punch and the crusted feel that you so deserve.  This recipe will definitely surprise you.

Ingredients For Black bean Mushrooms

1/2 Cup Beans (any kind)
2 Ounces Mushrooms
2 Slices Onions
2 Cloves Garlic ( chopped)
1 Tablespoon Olive Oil
1/2 Tablespoon Herbs (each)
1 Piece Lettuce
1 Slice Tomato
1/2 Shredded Carrot
Salt (according to taste)
Pepper (according to taste)

Other Ingredients

Ketchup ( according to taste)
1 Slice Cheese 


To Make the Patties :

1) Prepare any beans – black beans/ rajma  (boiled and kept ready, should be mashable by hand)
2) Chop some mushrooms into 4 slices.
3) Chop some onion and garlic.
4) Sauté in a pan with olive oil.
5) Season with herbs you have on hand.
) Add salt and fresh pepper.
7) Cook everything till it’s 80% done (not 100%).
) In a mixer, mix prepared mushrooms and beans, some shredded carrot crush till it’s quite fine and can be clumped into patties. If it seems to be breaking, you can add chia/ flax egg.
) Shape into patties by hand, and lightly powder with atta/ maida and put in fridge till ready to cook.

To Prepare The Burger :

1) Prepare other burger ingredients- lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, ketchup, cheese.
2) Once ready to eat, heat patties in little oil on pan and cook both sides. And add to burger.
) Also make 2 sauces with the burgers
– Spicy mayo (mayo + pepper + hot sauce + salt)
– Herb sauce (olive oil + parsley + basil + coriander + salt + pepper + garlic)  

Black Bean Mushroom Burgers are ready !

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