Monster Sandwich Recipe – Halloween Special by Simply Jain

Quick and easy steps to creating a last minute fun snack for your kids or a monster party. Create some scary characters out of delicious sandwiches to jazz up your meals.

Simply Jain

Simply Jain

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Updated: 2 November 2018

Halloween maybe over, but it’s never too late to celebrate this spooky season. If you are still in the horror spirit, check this recipe out. Dress up your food in eerie characters for your kids or for take your themed parties to the next level by adding little details with your appetizers. Try this monster sandwich recipe to entertain you family and friends. 

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  • 4 Bread slices
  • 2 Cheese slices
  • Few Green Olives
  • Sliced Cucumber
  • Sliced Tomatoes
  • Sliced Green Capsicum


  1. Take 2 slices of bread for 1 sandwich and using a cookie cutter or a sharp-edged bowl cut the bread slice in a round shape.
  2. Take 1 cheese slice and cut it into half. Then, cut one side in a criss-cross triangular shape representing the teeth of the monster
  3. Apply cheese spread/mayonnaise on each of the cut slices of the bread.
  4. Take 1 slice; add cucumber, tomatoes, green capsicum and the teeth-shaped cheese slice on the edge.
  5. Take another slice and sandwich it.
  6. Take 2 green olives and put it on top of the sandwich representing the monster’s eyes
  7. Similarly, replicate it for one more sandwich
  8. Serve this interesting Halloween themed sandwich and enjoy the snack!

Sufficient for 1 person

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