Category: Veganism

Apr 30
McDonalds Vegan Nuggets in Norway

McDonalds finally brings in vegan products. Read more about how they developed vegan…

Apr 30
Milk Sales Drop Drastically

Imagine something you and everyone around grew up drinking as an essential and…

Apr 01
Peta’s Tricks to Turn Vegan

While adopting the vegan diet might be tough and could take a while to get used to.…

Mar 19
Papa John’s Introduces Vegan Cheese

It’s the moment that most of us have waited for – Papa John’s has finally…

Mar 13
Just – Vegan Eggs Made From Plants, Not Chickens

Not too long ago, company Just came up with this amazing idea of creating ‘mock…

Feb 01
The Body Shop’s Vegan Product Sales

The Body Shop cosmetics brand launched a vegan line last year. Their sales have been…

Jan 30
Vegan Trends You Should Try This Year

Just turned vegan or thinking of turning vegan? Here are a few trends you may want to…

Jan 16
Luxury Brand Coach Bans Fur

While veganism is on an all time rise, brands begin to become more aware of…

Dec 07
Ben and Jerry’s Launches Vegan Menu

Enjoy the new Ben & Jerry’s vegan line for all those who want to cut down on…

Nov 20
Vivera, the No.1 Vegan/Vegetarian Products Brand in the Netherlands

Netherland’s number one company Vivera sells the best vegan products, that will…

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