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Nov 05
Best Indian Sweets to Have During Diwali

As Diwali approaches, prepare the best Indian sweets to celebrate this amazing…

Oct 31
V-Box: Vegan Street Food in Ghent

“Ghent’s original provider of kick-ass vegan street food. Taste the world…

Oct 30
Madam Bakster: A Guilt Free Bakery in Ghent

An incredible Belgian baker, creating unique dessert with natual products! She bakes…

Oct 24
No Evil Foods – Plant Based Meat

No Evil Food is a company that produces plant-based “meats”. It has the…

Sep 17
Products Every Vegan Will Absolutely Love

You might think finding vegan products in your local supermarket is next to…

Sep 14
Oktoberfest: Everything You Need to Know – What to Expect, Cost, Tips and More!

Wondering what happens at the biggest beer festival? When is it? Where is it? Or how…

Sep 05
Where Can You Get Your Protein?

The best vegetarian substitutes It may seem impossible to swap from a carnivorous diet…

Aug 30
Americans can Reduce Their Carbon Footprint by 17% by Switching Beans for Beef

The diet change from omnivore to vegan or vegetarian scares a lot of Americans despite…

Aug 22
The Bleeding Burger

Imagine turning to a vegetarian lifestyle to better the planet and live a healthier…

Jun 19
“Never Bet with a Boy Who’s Hungry”- Romelu Lukaku

Lukaku was 6 years old when he came home, walked into the kitchen, and I saw his mum…

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