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Apr 30
McDonalds Vegan Nuggets in Norway

McDonalds finally brings in vegan products. Read more about how they developed vegan…

Apr 30
Milk Sales Drop Drastically

Imagine something you and everyone around grew up drinking as an essential and…

Apr 08
Copper Branch – Restaurant to Become the Largest Vegan Franchise

The first biggest plant-based franchise is starting to conquer North America and…

Apr 03
Plant-Based Products with Meat-Related Names

Vegetarianism has gained a huge following in the last few years as more and more…

Apr 01
More Young Adults Will be Meat-Free by 2030

The popularity of choosing a plant-based diet over a meat-based one has led to a lot…

Apr 01
Peta’s Tricks to Turn Vegan

While adopting the vegan diet might be tough and could take a while to get used to.…

Mar 26
Chipotle’s New Vegan Additions

Vegans often find it challenging to eat out with non-vegan family and friends. There…

Mar 26
Activist Greta Thunberg

Young climate activist Greta Thunberg has been taking the world by storm, pun not…

Mar 19
Papa John’s Introduces Vegan Cheese

It’s the moment that most of us have waited for – Papa John’s has finally…

Mar 15
Beyonce Urges Her Fans to Go Vegan

We’re certain that you’ll know exactly who Beyonce is now, she’s only a world-class…

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