Our goal is to make traveling for vegetarians fun,

seamless and full of amazing meals so no one needs to compromise with 

a boiled vegetable or OK pasta anymore!



Vegefied started from the bedrooms of two vegetarian girls going to Japan.

Anticipating the challenge of meat less food, they decided to start a closed group on Facebook called ‘The Vegetarian Elite’ to ask friends for recommendations.

Completely unaware of the ball they were setting in motion, they had a great trip to Japan and thanked their friends and family for suggestions.

In about a year this community became a self sustaining ecosystem of vegetarian travellers, following the lead and actively giving and getting suggestions.

In about 2 years the community grew to 7k members who started pushing for a more organised platform to also get reviews, sort by cuisine etc and thus VEGEFIED was born.

"Vegetarianism and vegan-ism are no longer cults"

Vegetarianism and veganism are no longer cults on the fringes of society.

Today the leap in the number of vegetarians and vegans (in some places a staggering 300% more than the previous year), can be attributed to changes in attitude about animal welfare, health implications and planet sustainability and Vegefied is here for people no matter why and to what extent they have chosen vegetarian/ veganism.

To make mainstream vegetarianism easy, we don’t just list ‘vegan’ or ‘100% vegetarian’ restaurants but any restaurant that promises to cater to vegetarians and elevate their experience!

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