Vivera, the No.1 Vegan/Vegetarian Products Brand in the Netherlands

Netherland’s number one company Vivera sells the best vegan products, that will make you never miss meat again!

Jhoana Carla de Toro
Jhoana Carla de Toro

Updated: 20 November 2018

For more than two decades, Vivera has been making impressive and delicious vegetarian dishes that tickle people’s taste buds, without sacrificing flavor. Not only do they whip up incredible recipes, but they also offer various vegan products to consumers. Almost all ingredients used in their dishes come comes from their own soil in Holten. Their products not only boast of being flavorful, but they are also sustainable.

Photo Credits: Vivera

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Vivera has grown by leaps and bounds. They started their humble beginnings at various Dutch supermarkets. Currently, you can find their products across industries, from healthcare, hospitality, and catering. Vivera does their part in making sure that CO2 emissions are kept as low as possible. Their water purification system ensures that 900 tons of CO2 are saved per year. Their residual waste is fermented. The energy that is released through fermentation is enough for 3900 households and the heat released is enough to help 1550 homes.


Vivera is an advocate of the environment and aims to be Europe’s greenest production facility. Their sustainable approach goes down to the smallest detail, and no component in the manufacturing chain is missed. Case in point are the dishes they have on the shelves which are lighter, so they save more than 20% on the plastic.

Photo Credit : Vivera

Who says that you have to eat the same vegetarian dishes every single day? You can taste, discover and embrace a whole new world of healthier and sumptuous meals, especially with the debut of their plant-based alternative to Angus burger. The Veggie Quarter Pounder, currently sold at select Salisbury stores in the United Kingdom, is fortified with B12 and can easily compete with gourmet beef burger patties. This innovative creation comes right in the heels of their soy and wheat-based vegan steak released in May of this year. It sold 40,000 units in just a few days, a precedent for a plant-based product.

Photo Credit: Vivera

They believe that the foundation of a healthy diet is variety. They offer completely vegetarian food which provides all the nutrients consumers need. They only use GMO-free soy and Lupine. They are closely involved with the farmers who live in the east of the Netherlands who help cultivate ingredients for their dishes. They currently offer a wide selection of 40 meat alternatives for people who would like to try the meatless diet.

Photo Credit: Vivera
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