V-Box: Vegan Street Food in Ghent

“Ghent’s original provider of kick-ass vegan street food. Taste the world and enjoy our variety of dishes made fresh daily!”. Check this place out, you won’t be disappointed.

Sneha Mehta
Sneha Mehta

Founder and CEO of Vegefied. She is an experimental vegan and trying-to-be-no-refined-sugar person. She has a serious passion for telling stories about her favourite meals and the hilarious people she meets across the globe.

Updated: 31 October 2018

Dok-Noord 7, 9000 Gent

Perched in the courtyard of Dok Noord, you will see a shipping container turned into a cute eatery- V-Box. The have the most kickass vegan street food from all over the world. If no one told you its vegan, you wouldn’t even know.

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Sarah and Lisbeth worked for 5 years as architects and then one day bored with their jobs, they began to travel the world. On these travels, they dreamed about starting a place with all the incredible street food they ate- some vegan, some vegetarian and some that they would have to veganize. With these thoughts in mind they set out to do “something” in between a restaurant and a food truck and finally gave birth to their idea in a shipping container!


I wish I could eat it all and it’s tough to pick our favourite- but I tried their vegan satay with peanut sauce. Was convinced that it was meat that they served by mistake but ofcourse I was wrong. The Vietnamese rice rolls with seaweed were great too. I also quickly got a lick of the whipped cream.

If you are vegan this place is on your bucket list before you die!

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