The Bleeding Burger

Imagine turning to a vegetarian lifestyle to better the planet and live a healthier life only to be stopped in your tracks after a few years because of a craving for a juicy burger. That happened to a friend of mine. 5 years she was completely vegetarian, and one day she just really wanted a burger and veggie patties just weren’t filling that craving. She gave into that craving. This was a few years ago, but maybe she wouldn’t have broke if it happened now?

Photo Credits: Moving Mountains

The US surprised the vegetarian community, and meat eaters, with the Impossible burger that launched some time in 2017. The Impossible burger, if you don’t already know, is a meat that is absolutely meat free, but still bleeds like red meat. It taste like meat, is juicier than veggie patties, and has a similar texture to a burger. Moving Mountain in London has teamed up with Mildred’s and have created a similar product named B12 Burger that is taking London by storm.


What is a bleeding vegan burger anyways? Is it even made with real veggies? A vegan bleeding burger wasn’t created to please the vegan or vegetarian community, it was made with meat eaters in mind. Eating a plant based diet is better for the environment in numerous ways but most meat eaters can’t give up the juiciness and flavor of red meats. The bleeding burger was created with that in mind, combined with various plants such as potatoes, peas, plant proteins, mushrooms and beet juice. The beet juice is what makes it “bleed” and the mushroom is what gives it the meaty texture combine that with spices and you get that beefy flavor. The actual recipe, for both the Impossible burger and the B12 burger is a secret, but both have openly said they use beet juice, mushrooms, and coconut oil.


If you haven’t noticed already, the vegan bleeding burger is becoming more and more popular with both meat eaters and plant eaters alike. While you can’t buy it on store shelves yet, both burgers are in restaurants nationwide and wanting to expand.


Rachel from Rachel Eats in London tried the B12 burger and said “If you’d told me it was meat, I might just have believed you. Even though I’d have thought it was a slightly odd meat.”


Catherine and Mike from The Spoon tried the Impossible burger and said “I really enjoyed my Impossible burger experience. In fact, if someone suggests a burger night, I would go out of my way to find a spot that serves their patties…”


Next time you see a “bleeding” vegan burger will you try it?

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