Oktoberfest: Everything You Need to Know – What to Expect, Cost, Tips and More!

Wondering what happens at the biggest beer festival? When is it? Where is it? Or how do I prepare for it? Here is your guide to all of it. 

Esha Mehta

Esha Mehta

Updated: 14 September 2018

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Oktoberfest is the biggest beer festival, held in Munich every year. Whether you are a beer lover, an adventure seeker or just want to check something off your bucket list – here is everything you need to know before you head to Germany for an experience of a lifetime. 


Munich, Germany

It takes place on the Theresienwiese grounds. 



September 22nd, 2018 – October 7th, 2018

For specific timings visit: Oktoberfest website



Entrance is free.

Entering tents are free.

Beer is around 11-12 Euro.

Other alcohol is around 8 Euro.

Meals are around 12-15 Euro.

Small snacks are around 5 Euro.

You can also reserve a table for 10.

You can also reserve a table at any tent, if you to guarantee a spot (but keep in mind it may be costly).

You will have to purchase anything you have inside the tents. However, you can drink beer and have a meal outside the Oktoberfest grounds.

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You may be wondering how a festival purely based on drinking beer started. In fact, Oktoberfest began celebrating Prince Ludwig’s marriage to Princess Therese on October 12th, 1810. The citizens of Munich gathered together for a huge party and eventually became bigger and bigger event over decades. International travelers from across the world hear about this and fly all the way down the Germany to attend this event. Today, it is one of the biggest festivals held. 


What to expect?

It is estimated that 7 million attend Oktoberfest every year. You can definitely expect it to be an extremely wild experience. Keep room for a LOT of beer. A large percentage of the crowd is German dressed in traditional outfits. You can expect to find a couple of  games, rides and haunted houses, just like any carnival. 

Around the grounds you will find several “beer tents”, which is certainly a more traditional atmosphere than outside the tents. They play traditional German music, authentic food, highly decorated, pints of beer and communal and friendly vibe. If you are not a huge fan of beer but want to experience the hype around this festival, there are other alcohol served. 


German outfit (traditional Bavarian) :

You can buy the outfit anywhere around Munich and the festival. The prices start from around 100 Euro. 

Best Tents 

While all tents are insanely wild and have their own personality, you need to do your research the ones you would like to visit. These tents tend to attract people who relate to the mood they are going for. Some tents are German heavy, some American, some Australian, some tents have an older crowd and some tent may be filled with celebrities. If you are lucky you may bump into someone worth fangirling-fanboying. There are 14 tents with 14 different identities. Make your picks wisely.


Some popular ones:

  • Winzerer Fähndl (largest tent)
  • Hofbräu Festzelt (popular between the international crowd)
  • Marstall (has vegetarian food)
  • Käfer’s Wies’n-Schänke (tent where you will usually find the celebrities)
  • Armbrustschützen-Festhalle (find the coolest crossbow competition here)
  • Schottenhamel (the oldest Oktobestfest tent)
  • Hacker-Festhalle (popular tent)


Restaurants outside the Oktoberfest grounds

Sometimes finding vegetarian friendly food in the festival could be tough. Vegefied can help you find the best veg-friendly restaurants, cafes and bars near you. Munich has quite a few vegan and vegetarian spots, you can head to these during or post your wild day at Oktoberfest. 



Book well in advance, keep in mind that thousands of people attend this event and hotels and hostels will be booked out pretty quickly. Check Airbnb or book a tent. And if you are up for an adventure you can Couchsurf.


  • Keep your belongings safe
  • Drink tons of water
  • Bring cash
  • Book your tables and tents early
Search for restaurants, cafes and bars for your next travel destination on www.vegefied.com

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