“Never Bet with a Boy Who’s Hungry”- Romelu Lukaku

Lukaku was 6 years old when he came home, walked into the kitchen, and I saw his mum at the refrigerator with the box of milk, like normal. But this time she was mixing something in with it. She was shaking it all up and smiling like everything was cool. Lukaku realized right away what was going on. She was mixing water in with the milk. They didn’t have enough money to make it last the whole week. They were broke. Not just poor, but broke. Borrowed bread, no electricity and even rats in the apartment

At 6, he knew that he was going to make this change. Every game he ever played was a Final. When he played in the park, it was a Final. When he played during break in kindergarten, it was a Final. He didn’t have the new FIFA. He didn’t have a Playstation. He wasn’t just playing around. He was trying to kill anyone in his way.

When he was 16 and ready to play professional football, he made a bet with his coach.

He told him, “I’ll guarantee you something. If you actually play me, I’m going to score 25 goals by December.”
He laughed. Literally.

He said, “O.K., but if you don’t score 25 by December, you’re going to the bench.”

Lukaku said, “Fine, but if I win, you’re going to clean all the minivans that take the players home from training.”

He said, “O.K., it’s a deal.”
I said, “And one more thing. You have to make pancakes for us every day.”

He said, “O.K., fine.”

That was the dumbest bet that man ever made.

Lukaku, the star Belgian player of Congolese descent had arrived. He had 25 by November and was eating pancakes before Christmas.

That’s the biggest lesson- YOU DON’T PLAY AROUND WITH A BOY WHO IS HUNGRY!


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Source:  The Players Tribune


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