Madam Bakster: A Guilt Free Bakery in Ghent

An incredible Belgian baker, creating unique dessert with natual products! She bakes the most delicious cakes and sweets using vegan ingredients, with a lactose free and a sugar free approach. It is by far one of the best you have come across in Ghent.

Sneha Mehta
Sneha Mehta

Founder and CEO of Vegefied. She is an experimental vegan and trying-to-be-no-refined-sugar person. She has a serious passion for telling stories about her favourite meals and the hilarious people she meets across the globe.

Updated: 30 October 2018

Madam Bakster is not your regular baker. Actually she’s not even a person. She’s a legend. It took me a long time to figure that Madam Bakster doesn’t exist because I had such a clear vision of her when I walked into this Ghent bakery.

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Laura, the girl behind Madam Bakster is full of sunshine. The bakery doesn’t particularly brand itself as vegan but everything is guilt free. Dairy-free, gluten-free, refined sugar-free is just the tip of the iceberg, Laura plans to embed sustainability at her core. She plans to take the almond or hazelnut crumble after preparing the milk to add to her cookies in an attempt to create a zero waste company.


It all started when Laura started a bakery as a student endeavour and wont the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ award. She now runs a beautiful cafe with a 6 person team promoting a core value that they have decided to stand for every year.

Madam Bakster also specializes in the most gorgeous wedding cakes that are notoriously fluffy once you find out they’re made with rice and quinoa flour. Something for couples that want to have a sustainable affair 😉


It is hard to pick but I had my favourites at the cafe. The hazelnut coffee was delightful with its slight Nutella-vibe and the citroen avocado tart hit the super sour spot. You won’t regret trying these two on a rainy (or sunny or freezing or springy) day!

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