5 Reasons to Become a Vegetarian

Why should people turn vegetarian, vegan or flexitarian? Here are 5 great reasons to start making a difference in your life and eating habits. What are the benefits of having a cleaner diet :



Updated: 17 October 2018

One of the most common concepts today is going on a meat-free diet. Although a vegetarian diet means not consuming all kinds of meat, including fish and chicken, it does include milk, eggs, yogurt, cheese, and butter. Veganism, on the other hand, means a diet which does not contain any meat and animal products.


Going vegan is predicted to be one of the most significant food trends this year. Just Eat, an international meal delivery service, named veganism as a top consumer trend this year as the general population is becoming aware of more ethical and healthier lifestyle choices. The movement is mostly driven by younger people making better and more compassionate options. There are excellent reasons why more people are saying no to steaks and opting for vegetarian meals. If you are still deciding whether you should put that meat on your plate, here are some points that will convince you to say no.

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To lose and keep off weight

One of the benefits of going vegetarian is losing the excess weight and keeping the excess weight off. Vegetarians typically weigh less than people who eat meat. Meat comes with lots of unhealthy cholesterol and fats, and these things cause excess weight if consumed for the long term. A study conducted by Dr. Dean Ornish found that overweight people who ate a strict vegetarian diet and low-fat food lost 24 pounds in the first year! They were also able to keep the weight off for five years after the study was conducted. We are quite sure you want to look great in your summer beach photos, as well as have the energy to enjoy all the water sports!

Slowing the aging process

The fountain of youth remains undiscovered but being a vegetarian comes close to finding it. Why? A study published by the British Medical Journal found that vegetarians outlive meat eaters by six years. Yet, another reason for you to put down the steak and pick up that broccoli. Plant-based diets are rich in phytonutrients, fiber, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. These things help strengthen your immune system and slow down the aging process and all the bad things that come with it. Furthermore, a vegetarian diet can prevent and even reverse various chronic diseases. Who wants to deal with arthritis diabetes, heart diseases, and cancer?

Reduce global warming

A study by the United Nations in 2006 reported that livestock generates more greenhouse gases compared to all the cars and trucks in the world. Quite alarming, right? How could pigs and cows cause so much chaos in the environment? Well, it is mostly because of the nitrous oxide gasses and carbon dioxide generated by manure. So, do your part in reducing global warming by going veggie.

Animal Welfare

Animals have feelings too, and many vegetarians have given up meat because of their concern for these lovely creatures. Ten billion animals are slaughtered annually to please the palate humans. Animals today also do not roam safe and open spaces freely. Today’s animals are stuffed into cages where they do barely have room to move, and they are fed food that is filled with antibiotics and pesticides, two things you should never have in your diet.

Avoid toxic chemicals and reduce the risk of food-borne diseases

Meat products are overloaded with chemicals that extend shelf life. Most animals are also plumped with hormones and chemicals to hasten the maturation process and prevent disease in livestock. There is a huge chance that the burger you have in your hand right now has meat full of these substances which can have an adverse effect on your wellness and health. With fruits, the only thing you have to worry about are pesticides, which you can easily avoid by getting the organic variety. A little pricey, yes, but worth the extra amount.


Food-borne diseases of numerous kinds account for 76 million illnesses a year. In the USA alone, there are 325,000 hospitalizations and 5,000 deaths annually that result from these diseases. Fish, poultry, seafood, and meat are frequently involved in these outbreaks. Going on a vegetarian diet can significantly decrease these numbers and put you on a healthier and safer path.

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