Apr 28
Vegan Black Bean Burger

Craving for a vegan burger but do not want to compromise on the taste? We have got the…

Apr 24
Thai Curry Recipe

Thai Curry is probably the most popular and versatile dishes from South East Asia.…

Apr 21
Eggless Chocolate Yogurt Cake

Everyone loves a good cake but no one likes difficult recipes that can leave a big…

Apr 20
Sweet Potato Black Bean Taco (with Salsa)

Longing for spicy Mexican food but don’t have all the fancy ingredients? Our…

Apr 18
Gluten-Free Creamed Spinach (Vegan)

Ever wondered why the creamy spinach served at restaurants tastes so good and why the…

Mar 27
Caprese Deconstructed Recipe

Want to feel like a Michelin starred Italian Chef? Have a go at Deconstructed Caprese.…

Mar 17
Our top picks for Thai Vegan options in Bangkok 2020

Visit one of the most thrilling cities and get a chance to experience the most…

Mar 16
Brussels is a paradise for Vegetarians!

Belgium is most famous for its chocolates and beers. But, you would be surprised how…

Mar 05
This year’s hot destination: Baku!

Baku is one of the most stunning spots with beautiful architecture, grand monuments,…

Mar 02
Top Hotels in Baku that will make your stay even better!

Below is the list of all the top hotels in Baku that would make your stay even better!…

Feb 29
A Little About Zagreb

This summer we got a chance to explore the beautiful city of Zagreb. Here, we have…

Feb 28
Our Top Picks For Vegetarian Restaurants In Budapest

Budapest has become one of the top tourist destinations in Eastern Europe, famous for…

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